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Hockey On-Ice Official 101

Hockey On-Ice Official 101


Hockey On-Ice Official 101 is an informational video series that will help incoming officials feel less stressed about their first season officiating. The whole series is planned, but for now, there is only the first part of the series. The videos show demonstrations and diagrams of how to do things that are typical for an official. The videos focus on the how-to and not the very specific rules as those are taught in the annual officiating clinics. This series is based on the knowledge I’ve gathered from my 6 years of being an official and references the official’s manual from Hockey Canada. The series is also being developed over time, so if you see stylistic changes or new transitions, this is from learning more about After Effects and applying it to the video series. This video series is in a way documenting my learning process with AE.


Part One


Part Two

Part Three coming soon!


Reasoning behind making this series

When I began as an official for ice hockey, there wasn’t much guidance or demonstrations on how to do the usual procedures. To become a referee, the different hockey organizations run a full-day clinic for 8 hours and you learn basically the gist of refereeing; but nothing is demonstrated on-ice other than the videos they show in the presentations. You just have to have good skating skills, which is assumed if you’re becoming an official, and knowledge of the rules based off of the casebook they provide you in the certification clinic in order to pass the exam at the end of the clinic.

But this sort of learning doesn’t prepare you for the on-ice knowledge of where to position yourself or how to properly call a penalty. You can compare learning in-clinic to being book smart and learning while officiating a game to being streets smart. You can probably get the same answer from any official that they learned from their officiating partners they had that are senior/experienced when they first started out, telling them how to do things properly. Basically, learning on the job and learn from your mistakes is how you grow as an official. I wanted to make a video series that would help accelerate that learning that officials gain from experience on the ice and provide information that the clinics don’t cover.


Process Work for Part One


Process for Part Two



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