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Natural is a content-based language learning app that houses a hub of content from different languages around the world. An immersive experience is the best way to learn a language and for those who can’t afford classes or travelling to the country, this app provides the immersion with the budget. The purpose of Natural is to use content from the language’s origin country and have all of that content contained within the app so that it is easy to learn within one place. The app allows users to learn from natives, not robots, and get to reinforce the information they’ve learned through quizzes while consuming the content.


Final Result


The final deliverables for this app was a prototype, a marketing website, a design system and animations of the experience.




Process Work


I’ll show key steps in the process here but there is an entire website dedicated to the process of this app with full explanations, so please take a look through there to see how the app came to be here.


Any lessons/module content doesn’t belong to me. Audio user case content called “IYAGI Korean Listening for Learners” is owned by Talk To Me in Korean. Reading user case content called '“Easy Korean Reading for Beginners” is owned by Talk To Me in Korean. Video user case content called “Complete Korean Makeover for English Couple’s Last Night in Korea…?!” is owned by Korean Englishman Youtube channel.