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Femme is a video piece that focuses on an article that I found on a general sense of the male gaze theory in art. The article is used for the monologue of the video to show a female perspective on a male-dominated topic. Through the process of looking at artworks, this act shows that the male gaze that can be found in the paintings themselves and the act of looking at artworks. I incorporated the Kuleshov montage effect as well since the method allows for the audience to piece together the contrast of the female character (while she remains emotionless) and the male gaze. This allows the audience figure out how the character feels about the male gaze. It also provides the contrast between the painting’s passive gaze and the character’s active gaze. By contrasting the male gaze found in the artworks and the female gaze of the main character, it is a montage that brings art into the discussion of feminism.


Final Result


Process Work