Graphic Designer

Single Mothers in Toronto


This project was an introduction to information visualization with the emphasis on statistical and relational modes. From 4 main topics surrounding the City of Toronto that consisted of: Litter + Waste, Trees/Urban Forestry + Parks, Neighbourhoods and Cycling, I chose to do neighbourhoods. From neighbourhoods, I specifically chose Neighbourhood Improvement Areas (NIAs) and the single mothers living in them. The City of Toronto has designated 31 of it’s 140 social planning neighbourhoods as Neighbourhood Improvement Areas (NIAs) as part of the Toronto Strong Neighbourhoods Strategy 2020. One of the areas that the city should look at while improving these neighbourhoods are the single mothers living in these neighbourhoods. The city should provide more help and services for these single mothers as the correlation between high low-income rates and the number of single mothers shown in the data visualization reveal that NIAs’ living situations make it more likely for females to become single mothers.


Final Result


Process Work